In fragile environments, local governments can play a crucial role in promoting dialogue and restoring the social contract between the state and citizens.

With the enormous numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons, in various regions of the world, also the strain on host communities has become huge, with pressure on basic services, housing, employment, transport, etc. This requires a new approach to the reception of refugees in their region of origin, connecting relief interventions with long term local development.

Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and MigrationSecurity is a basic human need, and providing security and protection is a prime responsibility of governments. We empower local governments to play their role.


A selection from the issues addressed in our projects in this field of expertise:

  • bringing public security institutions and citizens organisations around the table to build trust and dialogue
  • supporting the process of identifying and implementing concrete measures such as making public spaces safe, providing safe access for women to fields and markets, etc.
  • restoring municipal services after armed conflict and natural disasters
  • the challenge for local governments in host communities to reconcile the presence of large groups of refugees with the short- and long-term needs of the original population