VNG International is the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG). Being part of VNG, one of the oldest and strongest local government associations in the world, our roots in local government are deep. It is second nature for us to work at both the technical and political level of local government.

We are also actively involved in European and worldwide networks of local government organisations. The combination of these two ‘characteristics’ enables us to cross-fertilize and to provide services for clients which better suit the needs of the beneficiaries. It is part of our identity: we are of, for, and together with local governments.

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Excellent Project Management

VNG International designs and manages large and complex projects for donors such as the World Bank, the European Commission and bilateral donors. We do not accept an assignment if we are not sure that we can deliver as agreed. We are proud of the high client satisfaction ratings achieved by our experienced and professional staff, supported by our ISO-9001 certified quality management system.

Hands-on Relevant Experience

We draw on our broad experience to customise our services. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and beneficiaries. Our expertise is hands-on. We offer a powerful mix of local and international expertise, bringing in additional knowledge with an eye for the specific context in which we work.

Alignment and Synergy

VNG International prefers to work in partnerships. This is why, when we are invited to work in a country, we align our plans with the efforts of other relevant actors in the country, such as ministries and development agencies. We want to give meaning to ‘alignment’ and ‘synergy’.


Building Better Futures by Strengthening Democratic Local Government

VNG International are experts in strengthening democratic local government in developing countries and countries in transition. Local governments play a key role in the provision of basic services including water, waste management, health care and housing. They have a profound impact on areas such as safety, food security, rule of law and women’s rights. This is how our projects contribute in a sustainable way to better futures for people, communities and countries.

For us, capacity building of local governments implies change at individual, organisation and macro-level, and may involve knowledge, skills and/or attitudes. Depending on the specific context, and in dialogue with the stakeholders, we define which mix will be the most effective. This also relates to working at the technical and/or political level of local governments.

Our approach is hands-on, practice oriented, empowering people in existing structures instead of stepping in and taking over responsibilities

VNG International has three categories of vacancies:

  1. positions at our home office in The Hague;
  2. internships at our home office in The Hague
  3. opportunities for (long- and short term) Experts (assignments) within our projects abroad.

For an overview of current vacancies and internships at the home office, please click on Vacancies / Internships.

If you are an experienced professional on local government and if you would like to do short- or long-term consultancy missions for us, please click on Experts: opportunities and registration.

ISO 9001 and client feed-back
iso logo VNG International strives to maintain high quality in all aspects of its work. Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999. Systematically measuring the client satisfaction is part of our approach, as client feed-back is an important basis for further improvement in our performance.

For feed-back or questions, please contact our secretariat: or +31 70 3738401

Violation of Code of Conduct
Wherever we operate we aim for the highest standards of performance and behaviour in everything we do, according to certain principles that shall govern the conduct of every employee and expert of VNG International. Click here for our Code of Conduct.