International Development Center for the Innovative Local Governance (CILG)

cilgCILG-VNG International is the regional office for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region of the International Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG International). We are a development consulting organization of international and national institutions. We are based in Tunis and our activities are spread over the MENA region.

We are specialized in governance and local development, and we provide consulting services in public policies and strategies. We ensure the implementation of technical assistance programs to achieve:

  • the development and implementation of public reforms on decentralization and the conduct of the processes of exchange and debate on these reforms.
  • the development and strengthening of authorities, administrations and civil society actors actively working at the local level, especially on issues of strategic planning, local service provision and participatory governance through the establishment of various forms of partnership such as inter-municipal cooperation, cross-border cooperation and partnership between local authorities and the private sector-civil society.
  • the identification, realization and evaluation of inclusive and prosperous local economic development projects that enable citizens to obtain the best of their communities.


Postal-Visiting address: 

Immeuble IRIS,  Rue du Lac Malaren, 3 eme étage, Les Berges du Lac, 1053, Tunisia
Phone: +216 71 860 245
Fax: +216 71 860 242

Guided by the universal values ​​of human rights, we consider that dignity and freedom are only possible through democracy and its anchoring through decentralized local governance. This results in greater citizen participation in the management of city affairs, a necessary condition for sustainable and inclusive development.

We are fully convinced that the promotion of these values ​​can only be sustainable if municipalities, civil society, and government services are prepared for a restructuring that has been studied and adapted to their contexts and if they undertake, collectively, in the path of local governance.

We support decentralization reforms in the MENA region and build capacity of national authorities and local and regional governments - with a focus on municipalities, while stimulating community involvement in local decision-making processes.

In all our missions, we promote gender equality in the management of local affairs and support inclusive local policies.


To support stable and legitimate political transitions towards democracy, CILG-VNG International emphasizes deep analysis and takes into account the real needs of  various local contexts specific to each country.

As a regional subsidiary of the Dutch organization VNG-International, which has over 20 years of experience supporting local governance in various countries and benefiting from the centenary expertise of the VNG (Association of Dutch Municipalities), the international visibility and regional expertise of CILG-VNG International are guaranteed. This particular construction and collaboration gives CILG-VNG International an undeniable advantage in the MENA region.

CILG-VNG International offers quality and innovation through its experienced professionals, and their multi-sectoral approaches. This results in a more balanced and integrated method that puts us in a privileged position.