Due to rapid urbanization, city governments face multiple and unprecedented challenges in terms of quality of life, employment, safety and environmental issues. Imagine what it means to be a councillor or city manager, facing these challenges. The quality of their decisions and work has an enormous impact, now and for future generations.

Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and CommunitiesSustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities require the involvement of various relevant stakeholders and a good balance between short- and longer-term interests. That in turn requires not just vision and policy, but also a broad range of skills.

A selection from the issues addressed in our projects in this field of expertise:

  • cooperation with a variety of stakeholders, in view of mitigating climate change, dealing with the rapid population growth both from within and from outside the current city, etc.
  • promoting Local Economic Development, a.o. through public private partnerships, assuring that sufficient employment is created for men, women and young people
  • maintaining safety and security for all members of the community, including those with special needs
  • supporting local governments in the field of disaster preparedness and reconstruction.
  • providing access for local leaders and staff to knowledge and experience of peers