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Exploring innovative approaches for recycling in the city

20 Mar - By Irene Oostveen
On March 1, the First Magdalena Medio Waste Forum took place in Barrancabermeja (Colombia). The event was organised by Biota, one of Barrancabermeja’s waste companies, and Ecopetrol, the largest…
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How will charging for water use benefit all

07 Mar - By Hans Buis
It took almost half an hour drive to reach an outlet for irrigation in the Awash River in Ethiopia, and still we were not at the borders of the sugar cane factory’s property. By contrast, the Water…
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From being alone to becoming an inclusive group

28 Feb - By Hilde Pijnenburg
Yesterday we asked all participants to write down one word to describe how they felt during our session. I am pretty sure the word “alone” was not coming from my group though - an enthusiastic, hard-…
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New energy in Mali

25 Feb - By Robert Meerman
This is a photo taken in February 2019 that captures the dynamics of our work in Mali. There are mayors, general secretaries and so called ‘focal points’ of our program of 5 different municipalities…
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Peer review CIB Working Group

22 Feb - By Jessie Post
UCLG’s CIB Working Group to launch a first official peer review within the local government development cooperation. Most CIB members carry out mid-term and end evaluations of their capacity…
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VNG International News

    mou world waternet
    25 Mar, 2019

    MoU VNG International and World Waternet

    On the Friday the 15th of March 2019, just a week before World Water Day, VNG International and World Waternet signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase collaboration…

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    We aspire
    20 Mar, 2019

    WE ASPIRE 2.0

    After a successful first study visit as part of the EU-funded ASPIRE project of VNG International (Advancing Strong Partnerships for Inclusive and Resilient Economic Development…

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    peace prize
    11 Mar, 2019

    Call for Applications UCLG Peace Prize

    The objective of this second edition of the UCLG Peace Prize is to celebrate successful initiatives undertaken by local governments worldwide that implement strategies for…

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