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30 Jul - By Bo Altena
Read audit report and financial statements here!    
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Finance Scouting Webinar

27 Jul - By Miriam Collaris
2021 is the last year of the IDEAL program. In 2019, and with the support of the program, the five pilot municipalities built business cases for their community driven initiatives with an ultimate…
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Community Scorecard and Citizen Report card activity – DG-East Ukraine

20 Jul - By Sanne van Amerongen
On July 16, the first blended meeting was conducted with the third Community Scorecard, Citizen Reportcard community, namely Bakhmut (Donetsk region of Ukraine). The representatives of the…
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A canvas that ensures sustainable results

06 Jul - By Irene Oostveen
A good exit strategy is fundamental and has to be prepared thoroughly and on time. City representatives and experts connected to the DEALS programme agreed on this and started elaborating an exit…
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Manila Bay local governments come together to address increased flooding and solid waste problems

28 Jun - By Jarik Stollenga
It was the first time this year a group of 52 persons, representing 25 local governments of Bulacan and CAMANAVA to meet (virtually) and discuss joint solutions for their problems. The meeting was…
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