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DEALS programme End Report in Maps

06 Sep - By Irene Oostveen
The DEALS programme ends with this presentation mapping the results and lessons learned of city partnerships and an integrated approach in the field of inclusive waste management, market management,…
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Game: Recolector Master

26 Aug - By Irene Oostveen
Can you buy most buildings and have the least amount of non-recyclable waste? Play the game to find out! Recolector Master is a game that brings together the many partners of the city of Pereira…
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Participative budgeting in Burundi

24 Aug - By Eva Peppelman
In Burundi, VNG International works with local authorities to support their planning processes and make sure they are participative to create plans that are inclusive of the whole population. This is…
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DEALS Pathein: How do we ensure continuation after the project?

22 Aug - By Myrte van der Spek
In order to protect and strengthen the civic space and the resilience of civil society beyond the timespan of the DEALS Pathein project, it was crucial to support the survival of civic space, as well…
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We Are Able! Projectbezoek Ethiopië

09 Aug - By Volkert Doop
Vorige week bracht ik een bezoek aan ons project We Are Able! In Ethiopië. Dit project draait om de verbetering van voedselzekerheid van mensen die leven met een beperking. In Ethiopië leeft, volgens…
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