VNG International can only do its work in close cooperation with good experts.
We have closely related ‘associated’ experts who have a strong feeling of commitment and belonging to the network of VNG International and its objectives to strengthen democratic local government in our world. These experts in our inner circle are often also involved in the acquisition of new assignments, in the development of products for local government and they like to represent VNG International in certain situations. 

Jean Eigeman

Jean is a dynamic and ambitious person who has worked for more than 15 years in international cooperation in different roles. He worked on a range of governance assignments: decentralization, public administration reform (accountability and transparency), empowering (local) democracy, citizen commitment (participation). He worked on assignments for Dutch Government, for the UNDP, for USAID, pre-dominantly in the following countries: Mali, Benin, Ghana, Tunisia, Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and recently in Ukraine. During a long career in The Netherlands he combined his experience with the government practice in his home country with the varied challenges to improve the functioning of the public domain in countries where he works. His experience is both on the political side (Senator, member of the Benelux assembly, (vice) mayor, City council member) and in the civil service (chief executive of a regional cooperation of municipalities, deputy director of legal and administrative affairs of the Dutch Association of municipalities (VNG), governing moderator of a network of local authorities working on SDG’s). He is excellent in working with others to achieve common goals. He is an experienced coach in transformation processes and a true and tested moderator in complex learning projects focused on social and political innovation. “Learning is sharing”.

Sadun Emrealp 

Sadun has over 30 years of experience with local authorities. He assumed a managerial position in the Middle East section of United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG-MEWA). As the National Coordinator of the Turkey Local Agenda 21 Program, he paved the way for the establishment of citizens’ assemblies as a new local governance mechanism. His project links with the World Bank, UNDP and OSCE has continued under the umbrella of VNG International, serving as the Team Leader in EU-funded projects on improving local governance and participation. He currently serves as the Team Leader in the project on town twinning between Turkey and the EU. 
Alfonso García Salaues Alfonso is an experienced and practical advisor in local government management issues and the design and implementation of national policies aimed at decentralisation. Extensive experience working with governments and donors in more than 40 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and Asia. Knowledge in public sector management, public finance management and local governance. He has been working on decentralisation reforms for the past 25 years, first, as National Director of Municipal Strengthening and CEO of the National Fund for Regional Development in Bolivia and, subsequently, as a consultant for DFID, projects funded by USAID,  VNG-I, the European Union, Dutch Government and UNDP. He has been working as an associate expert of the VNG-International for ten years.
Paul Hamilton

Paul is an accomplished development expert with longstanding experience and a recognized reputation as a leader and manager of complex development projects spanning various sectors (health; rural and urban integrated development; governance; and other), a vast geography (Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East), multiple levels (global, regional and country-based), and a variety of clients/donors (bilateral, multi-lateral, foundations and corporations).  He led and managed partnerships involving multiple institutions and organizations across different continents and cultures, developing them into strongly performing mechanisms that focus on building local capacity and ownership. Currently, he leads a large social accountability program into a next phase that focuses on integration of social accountability processes at all levels of the government in support of further institutionalization and sustainability.

Rolf Hunink Rolf has been active in International Development Cooperation since 1984, first in Asia and Africa mainly on regional development. Since 1993 he served as team-leader and/or sector specialist for over 20 years in Central and Eastern Europe with emphasis on EU integration and public administration reform. Between 2013 and 2019 he operated as team-leader in Ethiopia on a multi-donor social accountability program implemented by VNG. All projects were funded by the EU, UN, World Bank or bilateral donors.
Peter Jongkind

Taxes do matter! Like them or not, tax revenues pay for all the public services we use: schools and hospitals in our communities; roads and bridges that we take to go to work; police and sanitation workers who keep our neighbourhoods safe and clean. That’s why Peter has been searching all through his career to find fit-for-purpose solutions that enable national and local authorities to become more efficient in revenue collection and to improve service delivery to their citizens. After working amongst others for three decades as project director and senior manager on both national and local taxes in Africa, Middle East, Balkan and Asia, he is now continuing his quest for the holy tax-grail as an associate expert for VNG International.

Marianne de Klerk

Marianne combines 20+ years’ experience working the humanitarian – development nexus in conflict and in fragile environments with commitment to team work, a practical hands-on approach and excellent negotiating and peace building skills. She specializes in developing, implementing or guiding governance processes that bring together communities with traditional leadership, civil society and (local) governments to improve service delivery, strengthen peaceful coexistence, cooperation as well as individual, community and institutional resilience. Through her longstanding involvement in displacement and return and reintegration stages of forced migration she is also specialized in addressing social, economic and legal reintegration issues and access to services and rights. Marianne has worked as director, programme manager, technical advisor and team leader on programmes funded by i.a. EU, ECHO, WorldBank, GiZ, USAID, UN, NORAD, DANIDA, SIDA, CIDA and the Netherlands’ Government.  She has worked with VNG International, mainly in Sudan and South Sudan, since 2009. 

Slaven Lekic Slaven is well rounded international development practitioner, lawyer with Bar exam and more than 20 years of experience on Balkans (Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina) Middle East (Iraq and Jordan), North Africa (Tunisia and Libya), Afghanistan and Sweden. His front line of expertise are Judicial Reforms and Local Governance and Decentralization, where he worked as Chief of Party, Team Leader, Component Manager, Adviser, Trainer, Consultant, Legislation drafter and Evaluator; on various Projects financed by USAID, EU, UNDP and SIDA.)
Lucia Nass Lucia is an energetic and skilled facilitator of democratic local governance processes. For the past 30 years, from a home-base in African as well as Asian countries, she has designed, implemented and evaluated programs for the World Bank, the EU and various bi-lateral development partners. Among other VNG International assignments, she has been providing technical leadership to the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program (, guiding government and CSO stakeholders to jointly improve basic service delivery, now scaling to 50% of all 1000 districts across the country.
Sander Maathuis Keep improving; that’s what drives Sander. Most of his professional life he has worked to improve public sector institutions and to support the people working for them, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He has done so as a project manager, management consultant, trainer as well as lecturer for the Public Administration Academy. His main expertise is Training of Trainers, Association Capacity Building, Public Service Deliver and Project Management. As a VNG Associate he has worked in a variety of countries in Southeast and Eastern Europe and the Arab world. His approach is to give practical and simple to use tools that help organisations and people further in their improvement.
Maïta van der Mark Maïta is an ambitious and culturally aware professional with a variety of skills and experience in the field of Local Government and Inclusive Policy Making, ranging from inclusive economic development to local safety and security programs. She has worked on assignments for the Dutch Government, the EU and USAID in the following countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Albania and Libya. She uses her hands-on experience with different aspects of Local Government and Community Building to bring people and projects a step further in complex situations.
Paul Munters Paul holds a degrees in Economics, as well as in Management. He has been posted in Haiti for the EU and in Thailand for the UN, was employed by MDF and ECORYS, before starting Munters Consulting in 2008. Over the last 2 decades he provided advisory services to both the public and private sector, conducted over 100 trainings, performed research, and initiated many institutional capacity development projects in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle-East and the Balkans. As a methodologist he focusses for VNGi on Social Accountability, Governance and Local Economic Development. He assessed Local Resource Mobilisation (Albania), wrote a winning EU proposal for ALA (Zimbabwe), was the editor of the Social Accountability flagship document (Ethiopia), co-designer of the LGCP programme (covering 10 countries), involved in the development and rollout of both the LGCP programme and its successor IDEAL in the Palestine Territories, and more recently started exploring the water sector and the Balkans. Paul is very motivated and driven to mobilise others to go one step beyond whilst appreciating cultural boundaries.   
Loochi Muzaliwa Loochi is born in the turbulent province of South Kivu, in the DRC. He graduated in law and journalism. At a very young age, he became a human rights defender and joined the notorious local human rights NGO ‘Groupe Jérémie’. Later he became involved in conflict transformation at grass root level, as one of the key staff members of the Swedish NGO ‘Life & Peace Institute’ and the ‘International Organization for Migration’. Eventually he became the best Congolese analyst of local conflicts in his country. He is a passionate researcher who has indepth anaknowledge in gouvernance (participatory budget, land issues) and security fields in its full complexity. He is very reen in the use of participative approches. 
Frans Olthof Frans is an experienced and motivated adviser in the field of land registry, cadaster, local taxes, mapping, geo-information systems and urban planning. He worked during eight years on assignments for SNV, Dutch Government (DGIS) and for enterprises in the seventy’s and eighty’s in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Congo. In the Netherlands (home country) he was head of the department for Geographic Information in several municipalities and during ten years Manager/Director of GBKN-South in charge of large scale topographic mapping of the southern part of the Netherlands for all local governments, Dutch cadaster and utility companies. Combined, since 1998, he was involved in more than 50 short term missions for VNG-International in Cape-Verde, Mali and Bénin, mostly in the field of land registry focused on the role of local government in collecting and use of geo-data both on the technical side as well as the social accountability side.
Ellen van Reesch Ellen is an independent advisor on sustainable (local) development. Through advice on integrated governance approaches and practical tools she assists municipalities in achieving social, economic and environmental sustainability in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ellen previously worked for 18 years as diplomat and civil servant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, notably in the areas of (economic) governance, service delivery, human security and aid effectiveness. She has extensive experience leading multi-disciplinary programs and processes. With strong analytical, writing and networking skills and an open, informal attitude, she successfully connects people and ideas across thematic areas and organisations. She also has experience as local councillor in the areas of spatial development, environment and biodiversity.
Jorge Rodriguez Bilbao Jorge has extensive experience combining policy, conceptual and operational work in the fields of decentralization reforms, local governance and local development through a territorial approach. He has an extensive experience organizing, coordinating and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues and engagement processes. 
He has been working as Technical Assistant for 14 years in Haiti and Madagascar, coordinating multicultural teams for the designing and implementation of EU funded  local development programs with a focus on local, institutional and policy outcomes. He assured during six years (2011, 2017), as responsible of promoting the territorial approach to local development (TALD) in EU DEVCO, the design and delivery of TALD seminars among EU staff in EU Delegations, the drafting of EU differences pieces of guidance on TALD approach and concrete field support to EU Delegations in the formulation and implementation of decentralization and local de development programs with a TALD approach.  
Gerrit Jan Schep Gerrit Jan dedicated most of his career as consultant and manager to decentralization, public administration reform (PAR) and capacity building for the Dutch government and municipalities. Since the early nineties he also used his knowledge and experience in international projects. This was a win-win situation for himself and his clients, because working simultaneously on the Dutch and international level offered mutual benefit from cross-over experiences in reforms and governance. From 2015 onwards he decided to follow his dream and focused fulltime on international projects, as consultant and team leader.  
He worked and works on assignments for the EU/ Worldbank/ UN/ Dutch Government, pre-dominantly in the following countries: Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Mali, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and more.
With his teams he likes to convince our partners and beneficiaries that change is possible and to empower them to make change: to improve public services for citizens, to include citizens in public policy design and implementation, and to upgrade the competencies and capacities of public administrations. 
In his previous and current role as team leader of projects project in Egypt (EU, WB, UN), and as senior expert in Ukraine (USAID) and Kosovo (EU) he is focused to achieve exactly this. With his Dutch experience in governance he has a lot to share.
Anne-Marie Schreven Anne-Marie is a development professional with over 25 years experience in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Her passion is capacity development, change management and leadership. She started my career supporting organizational performance of NGOs (in India, Rwanda and Ethiopia) but shifted to managing and facilitating reform processes in governments, at national and sub-national levels (in Bhutan, (back to) Rwanda and Haiti). At present, she leads the VNG International projects and office in Myanmar.
She does believe that people are responsible for their own change and that our role is to assist people in finding answers to their questions and challenges and bring about change. Of course, she keeps an eye on the expected results and on maintaining respectful relationships. It is all about understanding (intercultural) complexity and learning. Anne-Marie herself keeps on learning (that's what keeps her going) and encourage others to learn and grow. Though this is serious business, a good sense of humor often does wonders too!
Peter van Tongeren

Peter holds a BSc in Human Resource Management and post graduate degree in Change Management. He is intercultural senior project manager with expertise in: Capacity Building, Change Management, Land Administration, Post Disaster Needs Assessment & Urban Mobility. Has 20+ years experience in public sector and municipalities (The Netherlands, Brazil and Mozambique) and added value in organizations that want to improve their performance and/or service delivery. In his projects in an international setting, he has proven to be resourceful, finding a balance between bringing people together, developing ideas and booking results. Since October 2016 Peter is VNG International's focal point for Mozambique and now based in Beira, while managing a project to improve land administration and raise tax revenues for the municipality of Beira. Until now he has managed to digitalize the whole cadastral archive and connected processes, resulting in quicker access to information, less land conflicts and secure land rights. In the next phase the project will also address urban planning and improve the tax revenue system. He knows how things work in the public sector in Mozambique and finds his way book results.  

Ülge Uğurlu

Ülge is an accomplished consultant with extensive experience in technical assistance projects on local government and public administration reform. Since 2005, she has been providing support to central and local level institutions and civil society in Turkey in co-operation with national and international counterparts. Her expertise centres on improving public decision-making and service delivery processes in line with good governance principles. She contributes to strengthening technical capacity and enhancing public governance by way of synthesizing and interpreting latest research and technologies for deliberation with diverse stakeholders. She has graduate degrees in regional and urban planning studies, European studies, and public governance and administration.

Jan Edwin Waanders

Jan Edwin is an experienced, positive and dedicated person and has been team leader of complex international projects focused on local government, associations of municipalities, as well as energy efficiency. He has worked on assignments for the EU in the countries of the Balkan and former Soviet Union, and for UNDP in Central and South East Asia. The past decade he has pre-dominantly been working in support mechanisms to help municipalities implement EU-funded grant projects. He thinks that implementing priority infrastructure and investment projects at the local level are crucial for engagement of citizens, civil servants and politicians in development and democratic processes. Clients trust him to do the right thing, deliver the goods in time and feel that he cares about the work that he does to improve local governance.

Jacqueline Wairimu

Jacqueline is an energetic and ambitious WASH expert with many years’ experience in complex development projects. Her work has focused on community organization and empowerment, civil society engagement and capacity building of WASH actors for effective service delivery. She has worked on assignments for the Dutch Government, USAID and GIZ pre-dominantly in Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan. In her recent role in a project for the Dutch Embassy in South Sudan, she succeeded to oversee the establishment and strengthening of community based management structures for over 700 decentralized water systems. She is convinced of the need for and viability of sustainable development even in fragile contexts. 

Ziad Moussa

Ziad Moussa is a multi-disciplinary development professional with an intellectual and professional passion for Local Urban Governance and Utilization-Focused Evaluation. He consulted extensively over the past 25 years across the Arab world and the Global South, in well over 40 countries and with almost every major donor on the circuit, including a long-standing history of collaboration with VNGI since 2011. He is currently the representative of VNGI in Jordan and Lebanon, advising on business development and acquisitions.

Ziad privileges working in fragile contexts, particularly in conflict/post-conflict settings, where building local-level resilience is the cornerstone for any future recovery and/or development effort. His last two projects as Team Leader with VNGI (International Municipal Assistance to Local Governments in Northern Jordan and the Zaatari Refugee Camp , and the Local Government Resilience Programme – LOGOReP) are both geared in this direction.

Ziad is also an accomplished evaluator, and was elected as President of the International Organization of Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) between 2015 and 2017 and Co-Chair of EvalPartners between 2016 and 2018. He currently serves on the Executive Board of the International Evaluation Academy.

Don Seufert

VNGi Senior Advisor, Washington, D.C., USA

Don has worked in a broad range of leadership and governance/PFM posts over his 40-year career, including 10X as the long-term Chief of Party/ Team Leader for development projects funded by the EU, FCDO, USAID, UN, and other bilateral and multilateral donors in the most difficult nations of the world: Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Nepal.  He serves as a key expert on fragility, decentralization and local governance at The Hague Academy for Local Governance in The Netherlands and GIZ’s Summer School in Potsdam.  Earlier in 2020 Don retired from Mott MacDonald after leading their International Development Services business unit in Washington, working with USA-based donors: USAID, MCC, USTDA, and the World Bank Group.  He’s currently leading FCDO’s Public Financial Management Reform Program in Tanzania, a 3-year capacity and systems strengthening project focused on 26 regional governments, 185 Local Government Authorities, and the President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government.

Pieter Wiekeraad Positioning himself as a 'believer' in local government, Pieter worked many years for municipalities and regional government in the field of urban and economic development and planning, strategic planning, citizens participation, envrionment, sustainability and strategic management. Dedicated to local government national as well as international, he was involved in many projects in these fields in different countries in Middle and Eastern Europe, Balkan, Kaukasus, and also Iran, Saudi-Arabia and the Caribean. As international expert he works in close cooperation with local experts and colleagues in the municipalities in the colleague-to-colleague approach as well as in trainings. Great to share experience and exchange knowlegde.