The project “Libya Local Governance and Stabilization” was funded by the European Union with the participation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This project was implemented in three and half years, starting in December 2015, and covered 25 municipalities in the South, East and West of Libya. The results showed that it is possible to create traction at the local level for improved governance to the benefit of stabilization and creating conditions for future reconstruction.

The main objective of the project was to contribute to strengthen and empower local governance in Libya. To attain this objective the programme focused on three dimensions of local governance: management, service delivery and participation. The project included the implementation of pilot projects in different Libyan municipalities.

The specific objectives were:
OS-1 Management of selected municipal councils is improved
OS-2 Service delivery by local government is improved
OS-3 Participation and interaction of civil society in council's affairs and conflict prevention is enhanced

The results of the project were:
R1.1 Organization of local governments improved
R1.2 Municipal planning strengthened
R1.3 Accountability of municipal councils favoured
R1.4 Councils now identify and discuss together the ways to improve their work and needs and options for further reform
R1.5 The legal framework of local governance is reviewed

R2.1 Access to local services improved
R2.2 Transparency of local services strengthened
R2.3 Cross-border cooperation between Libyan and Tunisian municipalities reinforced

R3.1 Capacities of local Civil Society Organisations to interact with municipalities improved
R3.2 Participation of youth and women in local affairs promoted
R3.3 Local and regional mediation actions are organized and accompanied with participation of councils and Civil Society Organisations
R3.4 Collaboration a) between municipalities and b) between municipalities and Civil Society Organisations is improved

CILG-VNG International based in Tunis was an affiliated partner in the implementation of this project.