The provision of basic public services is one of the main responsibilities of local governments. For various reasons, however, local governments in many countries are not capable of fulfilling this responsibility. Their mandate may not be well-defined, their staff may not have the necessary technical or policy-making capacity, or they may lack the will to make services accessible and affordable, also for vulnerable groups.

Improving Access to Basic ServicesImproving access to basic services = improving quality of life, the prospects for social and economic development, and people’s confidence in local democracy. So, let’s get to work.

A selection from the issues addressed in our projects in this field of expertise:

  • development and implementation of waste, water and sanitation management
  • establishing social housing policies
  • setting up and maintaining civil registries, providing security on property
  • improving the financial basis for the provision and maintenance of basic services
  • involving citizens in the day-to-day management and operations of basis services
  • creating awareness about the gender elements in all the above, and provision of tools on how to incorporate a gender-sensitive approach