Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Other countries -
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 November, 2015 till 31 October, 2019
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Post-conflict reconstruction
Partners IOM, International Org. for Migration Goma RDCongo
PAX for Peace
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda
Project code 11348
The Consortium's overall objective is to improve the security and overall stabilization of the intervention zones. This is addressed through inclusive dialogue structures that address drivers of conflict and support social cohesion and through policies that improve the functioning of key state institutions and reinforce state legitimacy.

The overall objective will be supported by the following specific objectives, each in line with the referenced I4S pillar:

1. The objective under Pillar I (Democratic Dialogue Pillar) is to contribute to improved security, stabilization, and social cohesion through promotion of inclusive, dialogue based conflict resolution mechanisms;

2. The objective under Pillar II (Restoration of State Authority) is to contribute to enhanced state-community relations through improved security services performance and raised perception of services within communities.

The consortium will implement activities within Nyiragongo, Rutshuru and Masisi Territories in North Kivu and Aru, Mahagi, Irumu and Djugu Territories in Ituri Province. These seven Territories are identified by I4S and STAREC as priority zones, have undergone extensive study and are home to ongoing activities of the members of the Consortium. A series of activities will take place at the Territorial level whereas others will involve the Chefferie /Secteur and Groupement levels.

The first group of beneficiaries is the three key state security and justice actors targeted for improvement police, justice and administration sectors. All have important and highly visible functions and are instrumental actors in the security apparatus of the state.

The second group of stakeholders includes three forums identified based on their mandate, legitimacy in the eyes of the state and community, ability to address security issues, mitigate conflict, and provide dialogue forums.
1. The Local Peace Committees Initiatives Locales de Paix (ILPs) will be the principal instrument for community organizing in Ituri.
2. The Cellule Provinciale d'appui à la Pacification (CPAP) will be the principal instrument for community organizing in North Kivu.
3. The Conseils de sécurité (CdS) is a decision-making body that operates on all administrative levels in DRC and that comprises representatives from key state and security bodies – mainly the PNC, justice, Federal Armed Forces of the DR Congo (FARDC) and local chiefs. It is a forum that aims to bring together all security actors to discuss security concerns coordinate efforts and take decisions. The project will seek to activate and strengthen the functioning of the CdS structure, while also taking steps towards opening the structure to the population through CPAP and ILP.

The third and final group of beneficiaries is the communities themselves who will benefit from improved state services, participation in dialogue forums and associated cohesion-building activities, and the overall process of stabilization and security to which the implementation of the project will contribute.