Mr. Michel Ligthart, Team Leader

  • Rima Kreidieh - Procurement and Logistics Officer

rima Ms. Rima Kreidieh graduated with a Masters of Agricultural engineer / crop protection, having worked so many years in education, training and growing ornamentals. 
She was part of LOGOREP Lebanon and now acts as the procurement and logistics officer for the EU funded MASAR project. 

“Somewhere in the middle between aspirations and realities lies the truth behind the resilience of local governments.”


  • Malaz Kawas - Front Officer 

malazMs. Malaz Kawas has a degree in Education, School Management & Leadership. She is the Bekaa area Front Officer of the MASAR for Local Governments programme funded by the EU MADAD trust fund and lead by VNG International.  
Over 20 years of in-depth experience in management, she acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours across different posts held in local NGOs, private sector as well as International Agencies. 

“Expect the unexpected and always be ready for a plan B”


  • Rania Khoueiry - Financial Manager

raniaMs. Rania Khoueiry with a degree of Banking and Finance, acquired financial and accounting management experience through 18 years in private sector in Lebanon, USA and UAE. Joined VNG International Lebanon in 2019 as the financial manager.
“If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit”



  • Rami Assaf - Themaic Coordinator in SWM and WASH

ramiMr. Rami Assaf- Thematic Coordinator in SWM and WASH, has a Master of Sciences in Rural Community Development from the American University of Beirut. He is responsible for all Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Solid Waste Management related project in the MASAR consortium in addition to Monitoring and Evaluation. In 2015, he joined VNG International as part of the LOGOReP project. Since then, he works tirelessly in creating better local governments for the country. 
“For every problem there is a solution. For every developmental problem, there is a solution that passes through local governments”


  • Mr. Milad Boutros - Security Officer and Driver

miladMr. Milad Boutros – Security Officer and Driver
Nicknamed ‘Kiwi’; Mr. Milad Boutros is the designated Security Officer and Driver for VNG International in Lebanon. With over 20 years of experience in the field; Kiwi provides safety and serenity for the MASAR team all year long.

‘If you like your job; you will excel! And I love my job!’


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