Associated Expert Niels ReiminkNiels is an ambitious professional that is characterised by a practical and result driven attitude. He likes to be challenged by complex issues that are on the edge of business and IT. He has a degree in industrial management and started his career as a business consultant for a larger IT company. Because of a natural interest in development projects, it did not take him long to find an answer when he was asked to join the TREE (Tax Revenues for Economic Enhancement) project in Ghana as a full-time project member.

Since the start of the TREE project in 2018 he has continuously been engaged with VNG International projects in Ghana, Palestine, and Ethiopia. His expertise lies in IT project management, data collection and data visualisation. In a world that is rapidly digitizing, these topics are relevant for almost any type of project. For this reason, Niels has gained experience within a variety of projects where most of them were related to local taxes and social accountability.

His strength lies in the ability to analyse complex situations and advise how modern-day IT solutions can help overcome challenges. When it comes to the implementation of solutions, Niels prefers a role as team leader. He has the ability to make colleagues enthusiastic and guide a team in the right direction.