Associated Expert Luis Felipe Vásquez CorreaI dream of a less wasteful and more inclusive society; a sustainable society that uses natural resources within the limits of the planet at minimal environmental and social impacts. I combine 15+ years of experience in the areas of circular economy, waste management, environmental impact analysis, sustainability governance and inclusive green growth in diverse roles: as team leader, project coordinator, expert consultant, auditor, researcher and teacher. Using systemic and lifecycle perspectives and qualitative and quantitative tools and skills, I support the formulation, implementation and evaluation of sustainability and circularity strategies at the company, municipal and national levels. I have worked and/or supported projects and research in Latin America (Colombia, Costa Rica and Argentina), Europe (Norway, Germany, Czech Republic) and Asia (The Philippines). My background is in Environmental Engineering with MSc and PhD studies in Industrial Ecology; specialized in the material, water, ecological and energy footprinting of the socioeconomic activities. I have published scientific articles in renown international journals, and contributed to book chapters and technical reports and presentations at conferences and seminars on four continents.