Country South Sudan
Other countries -
Region Africa
Duration Start 8 December, 2014 till 31 October, 2019
Field of expertise Improving Access to Basic Services
Policy field(s) Water Management
Partners Mott MacDonald
SNV Sudan and South Sudan
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in South Sudan
Project code 11329
The Water for Lakes State programme is part of the broader bilateral program for water and sanitation between South Sudan and The Netherlands. It is designed to stimulate economic development in agriculture, livestock and fisheries and to reduce the dependency on food aid in Lakes State, through equitable development and management of natural resources. The proposed diversification of livelihoods and economic stimuli will improve community well-being and move young people away from a war mentality.

The programme consists of five interrelated components:
(1) Water for Livestock;
(2) Water for Agriculture;
(3) Water for Fisheries and Habitats;
(4) Water for People (Safe Water and Improved Sanitation (SWIS)); and
(5) Knowledge and Capacity Development in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

The expected results of the project are:
(1) increased economic development; and
(2) reduced dependency on food aid through efficient management of natural resources and diversification of the livelihood base.