Country World
Other countries N/a
Region World wide
Duration Start 1 October, 2014 till 1 October, 2019
Field of expertise Improving Access to Basic Services
Policy field(s) Water Management
Waste Management
Institutional development
Natural Disaster management
Partners EES International B.V.
Triple E, Profundo, Fair & Sustainable
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code 11332
The Department Climate, Energy, Environment and Water (DME/IGG) of the Directorate General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs used external expertise in the field of climate, energy, environment, water (including drinking water, sanitation and integrated water), raw materials and food security. Themes such as sustainability (people, planet, profit), international public goods and gender were an integral part of these policy areas. The Facility for the Deployment of External Facility was established to meet this request for external expertise. The request for professional expertise came from the DME/IGG itself or one of the Ministry's Embassies or Permanent Representations. The expertise is in support to the responsibilities of policy makers and experts within DME/IGG or the Embassy.

By being a matchmaker between the Ministry and the expertise requested, the Facility advised on:
- Evaluation of projects, programmes and organisations sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the water and environment sector;
- Under this framework contract 62 assignments were carried out with an average size of 35.000 euros;
- Policy advice to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to their Embassies abroad;
- Analysis of national water sectors and identification of priority capacity building needs;
- Advice and development of (multi-annual) plans of Netherlands embassies for supporting national water and environmental sectors;
- Interim-assessments and reviews of current projects and related activities;
- Consultation services and liaison with relevant stakeholders such as Ministries of Environment, Water Resource Management and Irrigation, and Finances;
- Organization of workshops and meetings to provide input to new or existing policies.

The project aimed at a flexible deployment of medior and senior experts in relevant fields of expertise within the policy fields. Experts were readily available and were deployed on a short-term basis in response to specific requests from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs or one of the Royal Netherlands Embassies, Permanent Missions and Consulate-Generals abroad.