The wider objective of the project is to facilitate the operationalisation of the Integrated Water Management through the development of synergies between non-state actors in all their diversity whilst implementing concrete actions concerning inclusive floods management and in turn, climate change and climate resilience.

The specific objective is to mobilise the population of the region around their economic, social, cultural and environmental interests, in order to participate actively in actions of inclusive floods management so as to impact them positively. As such, the project aims to develop synergies in the related actions amongst non-state actors and between non-state actors and state actors to lead to effective and sustainable results in an optimized, efficient and green manner.

The expected results of the project are:

(i) Sensitisation and dialogue at the local level: favorable conditions are created and synergy in actions are set in place for the management of floods on the local level;
(ii) Pilot actions Integrated Water Management: management of floods and economical valorisation of water resources;
(iii) Capitalisation and sharing of experiences and knowledge