Country Costa Rica
Region Latin America
Duration Start 1 July, 2020 till 30 June, 2025
Field of expertise Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities
Policy field(s) Smart City / Urban planning
Public transport
Partners VNG, Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten
UNGL, Union Nacional Gobiernos Locales Costa Rica
Ciudad de Fomento de San Sebastián
Funding European Commission - DG INTPA ex-EuropeAid
Project code 11414
The wider objective of the project is to promote the integral urban development, in line with the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development (SDG's 11, 9, 17, 13, 15, 7, 8 and 5), in the fifteen municipalities of the influence area of the Electric Train which is part of the Great Metropolitan Area in Costa Rica. More particularly, to develop a Sub-Regional Plan of urban development focussed on transport, and fifteen project plans within the zone of influence of the Electric Train, whilst involving in the design and the process, the multiple levels of government, community actors, private and financial actors.

The specific objectives are i) to strengthen urban governance through a Sub-Regional institute of representation and participation for the fifteen municipalities for decision taking and implementation of projects within the territory; ii) to ensure the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the respect of gender equity in the management of urban development focused on transport; iii, a) to improve the economical reactivation, urban innovation and prosperity in the zone of influence of the Electric Train, iii, b) to contribute to the environmental quality and resilience of the surrounding and connecting areas of transport corridors.

The methodology is underpinned by the formation of a twinning system for sustainable cities between cities of Costa Rica (with involvement of UNGL, ANAI, IFAM and Office of the First Lady), the Netherlands (with involvement of VNG), the city of Fomento de San Sebastián and the alliance of the Guipuzkoa Deputy (in Spain), and the Metropolitan Area de Centro Occidente (in Colombia), and to carry out the activities with a methodology of triangular cooperation and learning amongst equals.

The expected results of the project are:
Under component 1
1.1 - the development of mechanisms of intergovernmental governance (both horizontal and vertical) for the development and implementation of the Sub-Regional Plan;
1.2 - the development of mechanisms of participation in the private and financial sector in the governance, finance and implementation of the Sub-Regional Plan;
Under component 2
2 - the development of mechanisms of citizen participation, in particular of vulnerable groups and with respect to gender equity in the development and implementation of the Sub-Regional Plan;
Under component 3
3.1 - the development of guidelines for the Sub-Regional Plan and of guidelines for project plans of the integrated municipalities under the Sub-Regional Plan;
3.2 - the improvement of complementary infrastructures in the surroundings of the train, including pavements, public spaces, pedestrian and cyclists roads.