Country Turkey
Region Europe - non EU member states
Duration Start 1 November, 2020 till 1 November, 2022
Field of expertise Involving Citizens in Decision Making
Policy field(s) Civil society
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Turkey
Project code 11431

This project develops and promotes a Procedural Participation method in Turkey. It will activate the existing public participation procedures in the strategic planning and decision making process of three Turkish municipalities. It will bring together active members of the Citizen Assemblies, elected Councillors and municipal technical staff responsible for the planning processes. This diverse group of community representatives, decision-makers and implementors, will collaborate in order to understand each-others positions, community grievances and, eventually, to find consensus in shared community-municipal policy priorities.

Main results expected are: 1. Strengthened public participation processes in three municipalities through the completion of three Procedural Participation pilots 2. Delivery of a Public Participation module, accessible through the UMT Municipal Academy 3. Capacity of UMT to disseminate of the Public Participation method amongst all Turkish municipalities. Examples of specific results expected are awareness of legal mechanisms, occurrence of meetings, modules trained and learning goals achieved.