Country Turkey
Region Europe - non EU member states
Duration Start 1 November, 2020 till 1 November, 2022
Field of expertise Involving Citizens in Decision Making
Policy field(s) Civil society
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Turkey
Project code 11431
The overall objective of the project was to contribute to enhanced local governance in Türkiye through improved procedural participation process and participatory decision-making methods. The project consisted of the following specific objectives:
• Strengthened public participation processes in three municipalities through the completion of three procedural participation pilots, evidenced by their adoption of citizens' assembly policy recommendations in their strategic management process.
• Delivery of a public participation module, accessible through the UMT Municipal Academy.
• Capacity of UMT to disseminate the public participation method among all Turkish municipalities.

Outputs and services delivered by VNG International include:
• Eight officials from Union of Municipalities of Türkiye (UMT) came together to form a Team of Trainers focusing on procedural participation.
• To co-operate with the UMT Team of Trainers in the implementation of project activities Three Pilot Municipalities were selected from among the district municipalities of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.
• A set of questionaries were prepared for Baseline Assessment in pilot municipalities, and in UMT.
• UMT Team of Trainers and the members of the Participation Task Forces came together at the Governance Workshops organised for preliminary in-depth mutual interaction.
• A tailor-made Training of Trainers Programme was designed and delivered for UMT.
• Pilot municipalities were visited by the UMT Team of Trainers to hold Information Exchange Meetings with the members of the Participation Task Forces.
• Deputy Secretary-General of UMT, and the UMT Team of Trainers participated in a Study Visit to The Netherlands to observe Dutch participatory practices.
• Pilot municipalities visited UMT for the Interface Meetings that allowed collaborative exchanges with the UMT Team of Trainers.
• Participation Task Forces of the pilot municipalities prepared Participatory Policy Proposals to be submitted to their respective municipal councils.
• The training programme and materials were developed into a Procedural Participation Module to serve as a guidebook for UMT Team of Trainers.
• The project results were showcased in the Public Outreach Conference organised at UMT.
• To assess the overall project impact, and to provide ideas for next steps, a Sustainability Survey and Framework were developed.