VNG International provides backstopping mainly to the PAGUDEL 2 (Programme d'Appui à la Gouvernance Urbaine Démocratique et au Développement Économique Local en Tunisie) project, which is carried out by CILG with financial support of DANIDA. <br />
<br />
The PAGUDEL 2 project has as general objective to consolidate democratic local governance enabling local economic development promoting job creation specifically for women and youth. <br />
<br />
The specific objectives of the PAGUDEL 2 project are: <br />

The wider objective of the project was to enhance the participation of Local Authorities (LAs) and Association of Local Authorities (ALA) in Zimbabwe's public policies and programs as a way of contributing to a more equitable, open and democratic society.<br />
<br />
The specific objectives were threefold:<br />
1. To assist CLGF to develop and support the realignment and reform of legislation and regulations in line with the devolution provisions<br />

The overall objective of the TA operation is to contribute to improvement in the quality of shelter and<br />
more general enhancement in living conditions for the urban poor, and the creation of employment<br />
opportunities for the latter. Although the focus is primarily urban, other spatially disadvantaged<br />
communities are not excluded.<br />
<br />

The Consortium's overall objective is to improve the security and overall stabilization of the intervention zones. This is addressed through inclusive dialogue structures that address drivers of conflict and support social cohesion and through policies that improve the functioning of key state institutions and reinforce state legitimacy.

The overall objective will be supported by the following specific objectives, each in line with the referenced I4S pillar:

The Ukrainian state and society have been greatly destabilised over the past 1.5 years, putting the human security of Ukrainian citizens at risk. Decentralization has the potential to become a valuable instrument out of the current crisis in Ukraine. As a response, a project has been designed to foster stability in Eastern Ukraine from the bottom up through legitimate and responsive governance and inclusive political and public participation processes at the local level.<br />
<br />

The wider objective of the project is to support and enable poor rural communities to benefit from improved communication and access to local and government services, within the context of the National Community Driven Development Project.

The specific objectives are:
1. to provide institutional support and technical assistance to the township offices of the Department of Rural Development of Chaungzon, Bilin and Paung townships in Mon State, Shwegyin Township in Bago Region and Tanintharyi township in Tanintharyi Region.

1. CIB Working Group goal and objectives<br />

The wider objective of the project is to support public finance and public administration reforms aiming to enhance accountability and public service delivery through improved Government performance. Thereby contributing to the objective of "Reinforcing the rule of law for enhanced accountability and equity in public service delivery'" in the component 1 of the Single Support Framework (SSF) 2014-2017 between the EU and Jordan.<br />
<br />

General objective: <br />
Enhance capacities of Georgian civil society organisations, particularly via networking, and contribute to the capacities of the other state led process in the migration field in line with the relevant EU-Georgia Agreements, in particular the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan.<br />
<br />
Specific Objectives: <br />
1. promote rights of migrants, protect migrants against exploitation and exclusion, support the fight against trafficking; <br />

The wider objective of the project was to improve the municipal organization of Beira (CMB) in order for the city to better fulfil their role as a municipality in general, in particular their role within the Beira Master Plan (BMP). <br />
<br />
The specific objective was to enable the Municipality of Beira to organize and improve their land planning and management systems and performance, in terms of (a) technical capacities as well as (b) organizational performance. <br />
<br />
The expected results of the project were: <br />