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The newsletter for the last quarter of 2023 from the Citizen Participation in Public Policy for Local Economic Development programme in Benin (PartiCiP au DEL) is now available.

"93% of the 2023 commitments are met”

As part of the LED reinforcement activities supported by the VNG International - ALCRER - Social Watch Benin consortium, key LED actors from the 24 programme communes were trained in improving resource management and transforming local products into by-products during workshops in November in Ouidah and December 2023 in Bohicon. The platform has also facilitated dialogue on partnerships between communes. In addition, thanks to the PartiCiP au DEL programme, funding has been secured for the installation of three irrigation systems for the Comaz and Wabodou market gardening cooperatives, which supply consumers in the Abomey-Calavi commune and surrounding areas. As well as ensuring a year-round supply of water for farming activities, the local authorities in Abomey-Calavi are also exploring the possibility of installing solar panels.

Efforts within the PartiCiP au DEL programme to improve the local economy are aligned with the objective of transparent governance. As part of the activities to enhance participatory democracy and foster transparent and inclusive governance, 20 municipalities have succeeded in producing, publishing and distributing simplified citizen versions of their budgets. Notably, the municipality of Avrankou broadcasted a public hearing on budget transparency on local television. In addition, the local authorities of Kérou have noted that statistical overviews not only promote transparency in expenditures, but also shed light on the effectiveness of governmental actions in addressing the needs of the population when drawing up the budget.


This newsletter is available here (in French).