Country Iraq
Region Middle East
Duration Start 1 July, 2019 till 30 June, 2023
Field of expertise Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities
Policy field(s) Community development
Institutional development
Local economic development
Post-conflict reconstruction
Partners Danish Refugee Council
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code 11411
The wider objective of the project is to improve prospects for refugees and vulnerable host communities by improving resilience of local authorities and communities in Iraq.

The specific objective of the project is to increase access of Iraqis from host, IDP and refugee communities to improved basic services and by contributing to extra job opportunities.

The expected results of the project are:
(i) the number of people from host, IDP and refugee communities who have gained access to improved basic services has increased;
(II) the number of people assisted by improved mobility and business environment who found decent work in our target area has increased;
(III) the number of people who found decent work in (investment) projects in the target sectors, or their upgrading and maintenance has increased.

LOGOReP II focuses on connecting humanitarian aid and subnational governments to long-term solutions that serve all, especially the most vulnerable, according to their (inter)national rights and standards. LOGOReP II targets Iraqi sub-national governments, because they are the ones that are both mandated ánd positioned to make the sustainable connection between short-term needs and long-term solutions. It builts on the extensive experiences of LOGOReP in Jordan and Lebanon by focusing efforts on anchoring proofs of concepts at higher levels of Iraqi governments and by finding synergies with other implementing and international development partners in order to leverage further development investments.