Sep 29, 2020 - Tunisia

mission Covid-19 TunisOn Saturday 25th September the National Federation of Tunisian Cities (FNVT) transformed into the National Federation of Tunisian Municipalities (FNCT). Ever since 2011 VNG International and its daughter organisation CILG in Tunis, have provided support to this long path of democratisation. This support has been reinforced when FCM, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities joined hands recently with CILG-VNG International to back up this process. 

In a Covid-19 proof environment and with large consensus FNCT adopted its internal statutes, making it the first association of municipalities in the Arab world representing all (350) municipalities in the country and built on a strong democratic basis. This will make FNCT a strong partner to the national government in the joint efforts to reinforce good governance and effective development.

As a recognition to our vision and dedication to the process, our colleague Ms. Neila Akrimi, received for her person and on behalf of CILG and VNG international the prize of “Hommage” of most trusted and appreciated partner organisation. The prize was given by the mayor of Tunis, the incumbent president of FNVT.

VNG International is not the only international partner supporting FNVT. Various donors and agencies are providing financial and technical support. But for us, receiving this honour from all Tunisian municipalities and mayors unanimously, is very much a heart-warming recognition of our approach. It encourages us in our continued cooperation with FNCT in Tunisia, and with other national associations of local governments elsewhere.

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