Nicole Osuji

Project Manager - Business Unit West & Central Africa

Bilingual Bachelor’s degree in French Law & Common Law, and Master’s degree in French Law & Common Law - with a specialisation in International and European Law, both from Université Paris Nanterre, in France. Previous experiences in diplomacy within American and Kosovar diplomatic missions, and field experiences in rule of law, democratization and good local governance in the Western Balkans with local Kosovar CSOs. Currently involved in VNG International’s projects in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa, namely the DRC (security governance and stabilization) and Benin (integrated water management, and waste management).

In post-conflict settings, state rebuilding and reconstruction can amount to nothing, if not backed up at the local level by an effective governance system that is trusted by the citizens it is supposed to serve. In so doing, international cooperation can be of great assistance, but if and only if sustainability is ensured through ownership taken both by local officials, and local CSOs.