Jan 15, 2024 - Turkey

Since April 2023, VNG International, with funds from Giro555, has been involved in supporting the recovery and reconstruction efforts of three municipalities – Kahramanmaraş, Osmaniye, and Seyhan (Adana) – in the earthquake-affected region of Türkiye. Over recent months, the project has made significant progress through various initiatives aimed at supporting the affected communities.

During the initial phase of the project, the pilot municipalities prioritized the organization of grants, resulting in funding for initiatives aimed at strengthening the capacities of the municipalities.

Osmaniye: Establishment of a Soup Kitchen

With the grants received from VNG International, the Municipality of Osmaniye has established a Soup Kitchen. Currently, the municipality produces daily meals for 2,000 to 5,000 people, ensuring not only food security but also establishing a center of community support amid the reconstruction efforts.

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Kahramanmaraş: Strengthening Firefighting Capacities

Thanks to emergency funds, the Municipality of Kahramanmaraş has acquired search and rescue equipment to strengthen the capacities of the firefighting force. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the fire department faces immense challenges with ongoing demolition work and threats of aftershocks. This new equipment provide a robust response to any aftershocks.

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Adana Seyhan: "Disaster Greenhouses" for Food Production and Emergency Shelter

With grants from VNG International, the Municipality of Adana Seyhan has implemented "disaster greenhouses." These 80 tunnels serve both for food production and, in times of emergency, as shelters with a capacity of 1,000 beds. An innovative approach that addresses both food security and safe shelter options.

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Phase 2 Commences: Collaboration and Technical Expertise

Since October 2023, VNG International has started providing technical expertise. Workshops have begun in the municipalities, focusing on drafting and developing local recovery plans through scenario planning. A team of national and international experts, including urban planners, collaborates with participatory working groups from the municipalities to develop strategies for crucial themes in reconstruction. These strategies will then be translated into both short and long-term project plans.

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In the coming year, VNG International will initiate the implementation of one project plan per municipality. Simultaneously, efforts will continue to refine other strategies, ensuring that these projects are in the pipeline even after the conclusion of the current project. Our focus is not only on initiating actions in the near future but also on ensuring a sustainable path for lasting recovery and long-term development.

If you would like more information about the assistance provided to Türkiye in the past year, we kindly direct you to the Giro555 webpage.

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