Jun 03, 2022

PSVNG International and the Local Government Revenue Initiative have signed an MoU to collaborate strategically on the thematic area of local revenue generation. Based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, the Local Government Revenue Initiative (LoGRI) is an initiative of the International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD). LoGRI develops policy-relevant research and tools to help local governments in lower-income countries collect more local revenue, more equitably and fairly, and in ways that promote trust, transparency and accountability. VNG International has a thematic cluster on local finance & revenue and implements a large portfolio of projects in this thematic area. VNG International aims to benefit from this new cooperation by tapping into the in house expertise at LoGRI for its local revenue projects. Parallelly, LoGRI will benefit from VNG International projects to study practical experiences, to generate tax reform-oriented research and dissemination of research findings and implications to help development partners and organizations in lower-income countries to develop their capacity in relation to the thematic area of local revenue generation. Activities under this MoU include the provision of expertise, the development of methods, approaches and concrete products, to organize learning sessions, to provide base for further LoGRI research and to pursue an increased impact of our work on local revenue generation together.

For further information, please contact our thematic coordinator for domestic resource mobilization Siebe Stellingwerf at siebe.stellingwerf@vng.nl

For further information on LoGRI, see: https://www.ictd.ac/news/announcing-local-government-revenue-initiative/

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