Country Turkey
Region Middle East
Duration Start 6 April, 2018 till 5 December, 2020
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Acquis communautaire
European integration
Institutional development
Partners WYG Turkey
Project Group Turkey
Funding Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU) Turkey
Project code 11389
The overall objective of the project is “To increase administrative capacity at local level in Turkey's EU Accession process.” In line with this objective, the purpose of the project is “To create sustainable structures for exchange between local authorities in Turkey and EU Member States in areas relevant for EU Accession.”

Pursuant to the overall objective and the purpose, expected results to be achieved by the end of the project are as follows:
- Result 1: The capacity of key institutions for town twinnings with the EU (MEUA, UMT, UP and MoI) will be improved, and a road map will be prepared and published to give guidance for further structural improvements.
- Result 2: Relations with key partners in the EU and Turkey for town twinning will be sustained, including through strengthened networking structures.
- Result 3: The capacity of Turkish local authorities will be improved in areas relevant for EU accession and best practices will be disseminated.
- Result 4: The quantity and quality of town twinnings involving Turkish local authorities will increase, including effective promotion and involvement of key stakeholders such as civil society and citizens at local level.

The target groups of the project include the Ministry for European Union Affairs (MEUA), Union of Municipalities of Turkey (UMT), Union of Provinces (UP), the Ministry of Interior (MoI), local authorities in Turkey, and the Grant beneficiaries (local authorities from Turkey and EU countries).

The Project encompasses two mutually-reinforcing components, consisting of technical assistance for the implementation of the Grant Scheme under the first component, whereas the second component focuses of capacity building activities.