The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the institutional strengthening of the National School of Government (NSG) and the professionalisation of the South African public service through training and development initiatives. <br />
<br />
The achievement of the overall objective will be supported through the realisation of the project purpose which is to contribute to the institutional strengthening of the NSG through provision of technical support and capacity building interventions to enable it to fulfil its mandate.<br />

The Stability Through Resilience programme (2017-2020) will be implemented in West- and South Darfur by ZOA Sudan and World Relief focuses on addressing the root causes of conflict, instability and irregular migration by contributing to increased human security, increased resilience and improved livelihoods.<br />
<br />
The specific objectives are:<br />

The overall objective of the project is to support Algeria in the context of the new deconcentration-decentralisation process and its integrated territorial development approach. With this “Shiraka” project presented here, we are making a modest first step towards achieving this goal.<br />
<br />
Specific Objectives:<br />
• Bilateral cooperation on local governance between the Netherlands and Algeria is strengthened. <br />

The wider objective of the project is increasing women representation in political and public life by building the capacity of the Egyptian National Council for Women (NCW)<br />
<br />
This is done by providing a intensive capacity building programme for mid- and high level managers that consists of 8 thematic workshops on the following topics:<br />
<br />
-strategic planning<br />
-policy analysis<br />
-Communication, Negotiation, and Presentation skills<br />

The project focuses on three pillars:<br />
1) Information provision and services<br />
2) Exchange of knowledge, experience and insights<br />
3) Representation and advocacy<br />
<br />
The intended results are<br />
1) Efficient and targeted advice and information provision to all Dutch municipalities at both official and administrative level, on priority themes within the international domain;<br />

The Capacity and Institution Building (CIB) Working Group aims to advance the effectiveness and quality of international policies and programs of local and regional governments and their associations. The CIB achieves its purpose by exchanging knowledge and information, enabling coordination and cooperation among its members and within UCLG.<br />
<br />
The priorities of CIB for 2018-2020 are: <br />

The general scope for the Prize is to reward innovative activities and initiatives that support conflict prevention, peace-building, post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.<br />

The wider objective of the project is to provide support to twenty-five selected municipalities in the decentralisation and communal development plan. <br />
<br />
The specific objectives are as follows: Firstly, to provide individual support to the twenty-five selected municipalities according to their existing capacities and needs, with the additional goal of integrating climate change in their annual planning and its implementation. Secondly, to provide support to the training center for municipal administration (CeFAL). <br />
<br />

The DEALS programme, aimed at cities in Latin America, Africa and Asia, is showing progress.

1. CIB Working Group goal and objectives<br />