The wider objective of the project is to strengthen cooperation between public sector and civil society organisations (CSOs).<br />
<br />
The specific objectives are:<br />
i) increasing the capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and CSOs in terms of mutual policy making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; <br />

The Ukrainian state and society have been greatly destabilised over the past 1.5 years, putting the human security of Ukrainian citizens at risk. Decentralization has the potential to become a valuable instrument out of the current crisis in Ukraine. As a response, a project has been designed to foster stability in Eastern Ukraine from the bottom up through legitimate and responsive governance and inclusive political and public participation processes at the local level.<br />
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The aim of the project is to support the leadership of the municipality of Rustavi city, the third biggest city of Georgia, with creating a system of participative budgeting, hereby promoting greater accountability and citizens' participation in local decision-making. Participative local budgeting is introduced to create a more transparent allocation of funds. This is becoming increasingly relevant with the developing economy and quickly growing population in Rustavi.

General objective: <br />
Enhance capacities of Georgian civil society organisations, particularly via networking, and contribute to the capacities of the other state led process in the migration field in line with the relevant EU-Georgia Agreements, in particular the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan.<br />
<br />
Specific Objectives: <br />
1. promote rights of migrants, protect migrants against exploitation and exclusion, support the fight against trafficking; <br />

The wider objective of the project is to achieve progress in the EU Integration process of the Albanian government based on a long term strategy before accession.<br />
<br />
The specific objectives of the project are:<br />
1. Support to the implementation of the obligations deriving from the SAA;<br />
2. Support to the harmonisation, implementation and enforcement of the EU acquis in the Albanian legislation;<br />

The wider objective of the project is to support the Civil Registration Agency (CRA) and Municipal Civil Status Offices (MCSO) in improving the standards of civil status registration system and document security in accordance with EU standards and best practices. More specificaly, the goal of the project is to provide support to the Civil Registration Agency and Municipal Civil Status Offices to improve the civil status registration system through optimisation of the processes and the agency structure.<br />
<br />

The main objective of the project is to improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of local public safety and security policies in Albania by supporting local security actors to involve citizens in the development and implementation of such policies. Effectiveness and responsiveness of government institutions are crucial for maintaining the rule of law and practicing principles of good governance.

Without a credible, functioning legal order and responsible, accountable and democratic institutions, countries cannot participate fully in a European Union based on mutual trust and shared interests and values. The project supported government reforms in Albania, Serbia and Turkey in the field of local public security and further integration of reform processes to align with European standards, thereby tackling political and administrative patterns of behaviour to provide EU integration frameworks for policy development. <br />
<br />

Context: This project was designed against the backdrop of the modernisation of public administration that is key for effective implementation of policies, plans and programmes designed to promote growth and to foster economic and social development, which in turn contributes to the reduction of income disparities among and within regions. <br />
<br />

The wider objective of the project is : To enhance the effectiveness of national and local authorities in countering discrimination and protecting LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual) rights in Albania.<br />
<br />
The specific objectives: <br />
• Improving reporting, registration, investigation and prosecution of incidents of discrimination and hate crime at national and local level<br />