Country Sint Maarten
Region World wide
Duration Start 4 March, 2022 till 31 December, 2023
Field of expertise Improving Access to Basic Services
Policy field(s) Waste Management
Public utilities
Public policy and planning
Funding National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB)
Project code 11454
VNG International is working on St Maarten in the context of the recovery and reconstruction efforts after hurricane Irma in 2017. One of the projects financed through the Trust Fund is the Emergency Debris Management Project (EDMP), which focuses on a number of activities related to solid waste management. In order to provide assistance to the Ministry of VROMI in solid waste management a Strategic Program Coordinator Waste Management (SPC) has been recruited to provide daily assistance.

The wider objective of the project is to make available technical expertise and resources to support the SPC in carrying out its responsibilities and in assisting VROMI in its SWM ambitions.

The specific objective is to provide technical assistance to VROMI and the NRPB Strategic Program Coordinator Waste Management in specific topics within solid waste management on St Maarten. These topics include:
- Legal and institutional reform (governance);
- Financial reform;
- Technical solutions.