Country Kenya
Region World wide
Duration Start 23 October, 2023 till 31 December, 2026
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Institutional development
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code 11448.23.KE
The wider objective of the project is:
-improved responsiveness to host and displaced communities' needs in adaptable service solutions.

The specific objectives are:
- Institutional: Strengthened intergovernmental relationship and stakeholder engagement related to migration SDG 16/17.
- Organisational: Enhanced local integrated service delivery by CGs in Turkana and Garissa SDG 1/5/10/11/17.

The expected results of the project are:
(i) Improved collaboration between CGs, development partners and national government in the field of migration management.
(ii) Greater balance between the formal regulatory framework and the practical implementation in migration management in counties.
(iii) Turkana and Garissa CG leaders take up leadership roles in engaging with (inter)national actors on migration management.
(iv) More inclusive decision making processes of the Garissa and Turkana CGs to include the needs of host and refugee communities.
(v) Improved capacity of the Turkana and Garissa CGs to collect and manage data related to both host and refugee communities.
(vi) The Turkana and Garissa CGs create conditions for, and stimulate, sustainable LED for host and refugee communities.
(vii) CG leaders in Turkana and Garissa have greater capacity to take up leadership roles within their counties.