Nov 02, 2023 - Benin

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VNG International showed its support for the development of the tourism sAfbeelding 1ector, as part of the objective of developing economic potential, component 3 of the programme PartiCiP au DEL, by organising a training workshop for tourist guides in the municipality of Sô-Ava, Benin, from 9 to 11 September 2023. With the contribution of the Direction Départementale du Tourisme, de la Culture et des Arts de l'Atlantique/Littoral, VNG International helped to improve the quality of the services provided. The capacity of tourist guides and the Tourist Office team was reinforced, and they obtained a skills certificate at the end of the workshop.


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The revitalisation of the tourism sector thus depends on support to a skilled and competent workforce. As well as visiting tourist sites, participants learned about the role of the Maison du Tourisme, the history, culture, geography and specific features of the municipality, skills in guiding, interpreting and communicating, as well as the principles of sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. These improvements will give a greater visibility to the Maison du Tourisme set up by the Sô-Ava municipality, and are part of the dynamic undertaken at the national level to put in place qualified and competent human resources for Destination Benin.  


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