Country Palestine
Region Middle East
Duration Start 1 August, 2018 till 31 December, 2022
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Taxation
Funding Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
Project code 11391
The overall objective is to investigate how decentralisation of property tax can contribute to enhance (property) tax revenues to enable municipalities in Palestine to deliver improved basic services to citizens.
Specific objectives are: Enhanced property tax revenues and services to citizens when they are given a full mandate to collect property tax themselves.

The aimed impact of the project is improved finances and services for municipalities in Palestine. The outcomes of the project are the implemented improvement plans in IT & processes, communication towards citizens and legal/policy issues at the local level. The project has a strong focus on improved processes and IT for property tax at the municipal and central level.

The project team consists of international and local experts in the field of business architecture, IT policies, IT development and implementation, GIS data management, legal advisors, communication specialists, and municipal finance and taxation experts.

Specific output of the project are:

1. A reference framework for property related geo and administrative data;
2. A operational guide on street naming, house numbering and collection and registration of geo data and administrative data on properties for Palestinian municipalities;
3. Facilitating IT functionality necessary for implementing the operational guide;
4. Implementation plan for the operational guide in a limited number of pilot municipalities to obtain lessons learned;
5. Sustainable handover of deliverables to a technical working group of PA counterparts to secure local ownership.

The project runs from 2018 until 2022 and has a number of phases:

Phase 1: Development of the reference guide and IT functionality
Phase 2: Support to implementation of the reference guide in pilot municipalities
Phase 3: Pilot evaluation and sustainable handover