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The Citizen Participation in Public Policies for Local Economic Development in Benin programme (PartiCiP au DEL) implemented since the end of 2021 by the ALCRER, VNG International and Social Watch Benin consortium, is publishing the 1st edition of its newsletter, on the "Enhancing the economic potential of municipalities" component, implemented by VNG International.

LED is the future of communes. However, 70% of their wealth is not being exploited. The PartiCiP au DEL programme is working to reverse this trend, by helping local authorities discover and develop their economic potential in both discovering and developing a strategy for exploiting this potential. In this newsletter, we report on the PartiCiP au DEL programme's tour of the programme's non-pilot municipalities, specifically Ouinhi, Zagnanado and Covè. During these local meetings, strategies for promoting local products were discussed. From now on, at Ouinhi town hall, local specialties will be offered exclusively at workshops organized by the town hall. In Zagnanado, for example, the chosen solution is the creation of an website dedicated to promoting local dishes. The option of reducing interest rates of bank loans for entrepreneurs in partnership with a town council is also being studied.

The newsletter is available here (in French).

PartiCiP au DEL