On Friday 9 December 2022, VNG International organized an onboarding Own Source Revenue (OSR) virtual workshop to bring together the most inner circle of the SDLG program team to understand the scope of SDLG Uganda in the field of OSR, identify contributions and align interventions by different partners. Participants from Kalangala district, Kasese Municipality, SDLG Program staff from Uganda, Mozambique and VNGI headquarters and from Dutch municipalities of Gemert Bakel, Utrecht attended the workshop. See the picture below.

The day began with an explanation of OSR experiences from Nansana municipality, Wakiso District. Francis Byabagambi gave a presentation on Own Source Revenue Mobilization in Nansana Municipality, which highlighted similar challenges of low OSR collection, the SDLG Program intends to address in Kalangala, Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality and Kasese Municipality. Nansana municipality has already taken some steps to improve OSR through automation of OSR management process, that SDLG program would like to learn from and also to inspire other LGs.In the second part of the workshop, Daniel Ibaga gave a presentation on the SDLG program and the OSR framework we will be working with within the program. During the workshop, participants discussed and pointed out various areas they would contribute in the program to support OSR improvement in the three Uganda local governments.Mr. David Kiwanuka, Treasurer, Kalangala Town Council appreciated VNG International support and informed the meeting that Kalangala is ready waiting to orient Councilors to strengthen their role in improving OSR. All in all, what a successful day and it set the tone for the coming years.SDLG Uganda