Ghana The influential International Centre for Tax and Development has recently published a contribution by VNG International’s key expert Peter Jongkind on our tax revenue for economic enhancement (TREE) project in Ghana. Read more about how VNG International created a well-functioning property taxation system in more than 30 Ghanaian municipalities.

Ghanaian local governments face several challenges preventing them from raising more revenue from property taxes. These challenges include limited access to information about properties such as location, ownership and accurate valuations. VNG International developed a systems approach for 33 Ghanaian local governments seeking to sustainably increase property tax revenues. This approach was initiated in 2018 through the Tax Revenue for Economic Enhancement (TREE) project, spanning five years across local governments in the Western, Central and Ashanti regions. The project was implemented in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in Ghana, the Ghanaian Ministries of Finance, Local Government and Rural Development, and three regional Ministries.

You can read the full contribution here.