2021 is the last year of the IDEAL program. In 2019, and with the support of the program, the five pilot municipalities built business cases for their community driven initiatives with an ultimate goal in mind: attracting public-private partnerships. And even though 2020 was a rough year, it was important for the program this year to redirect the municipalities' focus on said business cases and neutralize the disruption from the previous year.


The IDEAL program held a two day finance scouting webinar for the five pilot municipalities of Jericho, Ramallah, Al-Bireh, Qalqelia and Dura which was delivered by VNG local and international consultants (Firas Zaghal and Paul Munters) where the municipalities were able to share their experiences from the past with relation to accessing finance, were introduced to financing and promoting action plans, conventional and innovative financing tools and the sources of financing structure globally and locally.

This will equip the municipalities with the tools and better understanding of the finance scouting realm. The webinar was a success as it tackled expectations and needs sited by the municipalities.