Local Authorities Budget Consultation in Zimbabwe

In partnership with the City of Bulawayo, LACEP 2, implemented by Municipal Development Partnership and VNG International, has developed a short video to create awareness of the Local Authority's annual budgeting process. The Local Authority's budget represents a community's priorities, projected revenue and costs, and plan for the future - what revenue will pay for which departmental services and for whom those services exist.

The Covid-10 pandemic changed not only the way organisations operate but also the manner in which they engage and communicate with stakeholders. LACEP 2, in partnership with The City of Bulawayo (BCC) ensured that community engagement was sustained by regular information and dialogue for Local Authorities in the South Western region, while being accessible and relevant to the community.

The development process of a Local Authority budget goes beyond number crunching, the budget reflects a strategic plan and its development should consider the needs and priorities of its stakeholders, from citizens, business and parastatals. The development, approval, and implementation of a Local Authority's budget are all critical steps of the budget process.