Pereira held the recycling contest “EcoBarrios” or “EcoNeighborhood” between September and December 2020. The contest was led by “Empresa de Aseo de Pereira”, the public company responsible for supervising the waste services in the city. The DEALS Programme facilitated the coordination among stakeholders. 

The contest’s goal was to increase the recycling rates of the city and the amount of recycling material collected by the waste pickers’ organizations in formalization. 99 urban neighborhoods and 11 rural villages participated in the contest. 53 tons of recyclable waste were collected by 6 organizations.
The Mayor of Pereira, Mr. Carlos Maya, awarded the winners. The neighborhoods in first and second place collected 4,5 and 2,3 tons recyclable waste respectively, and received 2000 and 1000 euros to be spend in collective infrastructure and equipment made out of recycled materials. Mr. Maya expressed that the contest “was well received by the citizens, and we increased the recycling rates. Pereira had a rate of 0,7% last year, this year we achieved 1,16%. I’m glad about the results and expect to continue with these activities next year, in collaboration with the formalizing waste pickers’ organizations and other stakeholders. It is important for the (local) government to have the support of VNG International, the Metropolitan Area, CEMPRE Colombia and the Human Rights Advocate Office.” 

Original article in Spanish by Juanita Mendoza (DEALS Pereira)