Weekly before the Covid-19 pandemic and now every fortnight, the members of the Asopunto Verde Recyclers Organization collect paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and pet at the different offices of the Risaralda Government, obtaining an average of 200 kilos per trip, which is equivalent to approximately 20 Euros after marketing.

This has been one of the achievements to which the articulated work of different entities such as the Mayor's Office of Pereira, the Pereira Cleaning Company, CEMPRE, the Pereira Technological University, the Metropolitan Area Centro Occidente and VNG International contributed. Together the organisations aim to guarantee the recognition of recyclers' organizations in the process of formalization as providers of the public cleaning service and that entities, as in the case of the Risaralda Government, provide access to usable waste materials, as determined by the Decree 596 of 2016.

Jhon Alexánder Fernández, legal representative of the organization of recyclers Asopunto Verde, explained that “we are a company authorized by the Supervising Institute for Public Services, and we take care that the waste reaches its destination for its transformation, that is, we are responsible for the final disposal and the transfer to the company for this conversion process ”.

According to its representative, Asopunto Verde has 27 associated waste recyclers and 5 administrative officers. The organisation began their formalization process two years ago.