Within the context of the DEALS programme, VNG International is supporting the identification process of members of five recyclers organizations in the city of Pereira, Colombia. Now 180 recyclers have been identified. Their organizations Asopunto Verde, Infinity Recycle, Emaus, Redcicladores and Precoemsol are in the process of formalization.

In the same way, infrared thermometers have been delivered with their respective rechargeable batteries, to control the temperature of the recyclers before going out to make their collection routes and to comply adequately to the biosecurity protocol in times of the Covid-19 pandemic .

As explained by Felipe Vásquez, representative of VNG International, in line with the support activities and affirmative actions with which the agency accompanies the entire process of solid waste management and inclusive recycling of the Mayor's Office of Pereira, this process of identification and delivery of elements for symptom assessment, is very important for organizations to continue to carry out their usable waste collection tasks, taking into account the existing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.