COVID19 Paper : Policy Brief: Gendered Impact of Covid-19 and the vital role of Inclusive Local Governance

We know that the effects of COVID-19 are being felt severely at the local level (see earlier briefing, 28 April 2020). The outbreak has a profound effect on local public health, an unprecedented impact on local

economies around the world and it magnifies existing social issues, including inequality. The impact of COVID-19 is felt by everyone, both men and women. For women, though, in many developing and fragile countries, they find themselves in a position where their voices and concerns are little heard and few women have access to decision-making power. This while the COVID-19 disease is affecting both sexes differently and the socio-economic secondary effects are also impacting women differently from men. This is true across various spheres, from health to the economy, security to social protection and to the division of roles in government. Women and girls’ voices need to be heard, including in decision-making, now more than ever.