ESAP3ESAP3, managed by VNG International and implemented for the next five years, will gradually scale up to 500 woredas (half of the total woredas in the country). The program funds are secured by Irish Aid, the European Union, the Austrian Development Agency, the Department for International Development and the Embassy of Sweden. This multi donor trustfund is administered by the World Bank and approximately 30 million USD will be dispersed to over 100 Ethiopian CSO grantees who will be implementing the program at woreda (district) level.

The official launching ceremony in Addis Ababa was organized by the Management Agency and was attended by the State Minister of Finance and Chairman of the ESAP Steering Committee Ato Admasu Nebebe, representatives of all regional Bureau of Finance and Economic Cooperation, World Bank representatives, development partners, Social Accountability Committee members, Social Accountability Experts, Executive Directors of CSO grantees and members of the media.

The national television station broadcasted the official launch ceremony. The link below is the broadcast and starts about 11 minutes into the video.