Written by: Mohamed Dubbe

In April 2024, a high-level delegation from Somaliland visited Nairobi to exchange knowledge on Disaster Risk Management (DRM). The delegation was led by the Mayor of Hargeisa, along with the Mayor of Burao, the Chairman of the National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserve Authority (NADFOR), the Executive Director of the Association of Somaliland Local Authorities (ALGASL), and a representative from VNG International’s local programme team in Somaliland. This study visit, facilitated by the DANWADAAG programme, built upon a previous exposure trip to Türkiye, further enriching the delegation’s understanding of best practices in DRM.

The core objective of this visit was to assist senior officials of key DRM stakeholders in exploring Disaster Risk Management strategies and effective coordination mechanisms employed by the Government of Kenya. Through a series of sessions and site visits, the delegation gained helpful insights into disaster risk management and better approaches for building resilient communities that could be replicated and adapted in the context of Somaliland. Kenya’s integrated approach to DRM, which involves robust community engagement, advanced early warning systems, and strong inter-agency collaboration, provided a wealth of knowledge for the visiting delegates.

Beyond the exchange of knowledge, this trip also served as an opportunity for the delegation to share their reflections on the DANWADAAG programme with the donor, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The delegation acknowledged the programme’s valuable contributions to Somaliland’s DRM sector by laying the foundation for DRM institutionalisation and further inspiring a more inclusive and collaborative approach.

Furthermore, the delegation expressed their appreciation to the DANWADAAG programme partners, emphasising the importance of their continued support in strengthening Somaliland’s DRM framework. They vowed to internalise the valuable lessons learned during the visit in their respective institutions to enhance disaster preparedness and response mechanisms in Somaliland.

The study visit to Nairobi promises to yield tangible results, as the delegation returned home with a renewed commitment to strengthening Somaliland’s resilience against disasters. By incorporating the best practices observed in Kenya, Somaliland is prepared to make significant strides in its quest for building a more resilient community.

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