Country Netherlands
Other countries World
Region World wide
Duration Start 1 January, 2020 till 31 December, 2020
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Intergovernmental relations
Funding VNG, Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten
Project code B
The project focuses on the following pillars:
1) Information provision and services
2) Exchange of knowledge, experience and insights
3) Representation and advocacy
4) Management and communication
5) Representation within the UCLG and the Council of Europe

1) Efficient and targeted advice and information provision to all Dutch municipalities at both official and administrative level, on priority themes within the international domain;
2) An appealing national campaign Gemeenten4GlobalGoals that provides the still growing group of participating municipalities with sufficient concrete support (information, examples, platform, action perspectives);
3) Recognition at international, European and national level for the role of municipalities in international relations and in the implementation of international agendas through efficient advocacy;
4) Embedding of international policy within the VNG through efficient and effective support of 'Commissie Europa & Internationaal', as well as throughout the wider VNG;
5) Excellent communication with the VNG agency, the VNG organization, to municipalities and other organizations about the work of VNG International and with Dutch municipalities.
6) The embedding of the global goals within the organization and processes of VNG and more connection between the work of VNG and the Global Goals