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On Tuesday, January 9th, the Ministry of Local Governance hosted the launch event of the Southwest Ramallah cluster, the second targeted cluster within the Sustainable Development through improved Local Governance (SDLG) program.

Representatives from the Ministry of Local Governance, VNGi, the Association of Palestinian local authorities (APLA), Mas Research Institute, and the Ramallah directorate, alongside heads of the 9 Local Authorities (LAs) comprising the targeted cluster - Ras Karkar, Aljaniya, Bi'lin, Kafr Ni'meh, Der ebzi', Saffa, Bet 'Ur Atahta, Bet 'Ur Alfawka, and Al-Tireh - gathered to kickstart this endeavor.

The event opened with a warm welcome from Hani Njoom, Director General of the Urban Planning Directorate at MoLG, setting an atmosphere of collaboration and shared purpose. Following this, Azzam Alhojooj, the outgoing General Director of the Ramallah directorate and Busaina Abu Eisheh, head of the urban planning department at MoLG, emphasized the importance of cooperation among cluster members, recognizing it as fundamental to achieving sustainable and developmental progress. VNGi and APLA highlighted the critical significance of planning and the need to overcome challenges through strategic foresight. The LAs were then introduced to Mas institute, the consultant who will be working with them over the coming weeks for a political economic analysis. Despite shared concerns raised by Local Authority members, their unwavering commitment to the project was evident, highlighting its profound importance in shaping the future trajectory of their communities.

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