Country Egypt
Region Africa
Duration Start 12 February, 2015 till 15 December, 2020
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Fund management
Local economic development
Poverty alleviation
Smart City / Urban planning
Partners Sweco Danmark A/S
Eptisa Internacional
Chemonics Egypt Consultants
Funding European Investment Bank (EIB)
Project code 11340
The overall objective of the TA operation is to contribute to improvement in the quality of shelter and
more general enhancement in living conditions for the urban poor, and the creation of employment
opportunities for the latter. Although the focus is primarily urban, other spatially disadvantaged
communities are not excluded.

The purpose of the TA operation is to contribute to the timely and efficient implementation of the Integrated and Sustainable Community Development Programme (ISCDP) by supporting the establishment and operations of a Project Preparation and Implementation Unit (PPIU) embedded within the Social Fund for Development (SFD), to oversee the preparation and finalisation of the ISCDP investment Programme.

The Programme Preparation and Implementation Unit (PPIU) will be the implementation body for the ISCDP monies, to be hosted by SFD in Cairo. lt will
utilise SFD's processes and systems, and comprise a combination of SFD and external resources.
Therefore, in addition to project identification and appraisal, a key role for the PPIU will be supporting
the development of sub-projects to the point where they represent 'investment-ready' propositions,
capable of passing the appraisal process.

In providing TA to the PPIU, the consortium's goal is to make the sub-projects investment-ready and able to pass the appraisal process according to both the SFD's requirements and the EIB's requirements, and assist SFD in meeting the latter effectively and efficiently. The establishment of the PPIU is a condition for the EIB loan.

The expected results of the project are:

-sub-projects/scheme amounting to EUR 90 M are successfully developed, including feasibility
studies, preliminary design, investment costs;
-the corresponding EIB loan (up to EUR 45M)and EU grant (up to EUR 15m) are disbursed in
a timely manner;
-sub-projects are implemented on time, within budget and according to international standards;
-the capacities of the PPIU staff and sub-project promoters to plan and manage sub-project
implementation and the Programme as a whole are enhanced;
-progress reports are sent to the EIB in accordance with the finance contract.