Country Czech Republic
Region European Union member states
Duration Start 13 July, 2020 till 12 July, 2022
Field of expertise Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities
Policy field(s) Smart City / Urban planning
Institutional development
Project management
IT, Information Technology
Partners Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Rep
Funding European Commission
Project code 11425
This Action supports Smart City solutions for public service delivery in the Czech Republic at city, municipal and regional level. Smart City solutions are expected to contribute towards the widespread use of data and technology to achieve higher quality, more environmentally friendly, less energy intensive, innovative and sustainable municipal services in the field of energy, environment, mobility and governance.
The specific objective of the Action is the institutionalization and operationalization of a multi-stakeholder Smart City governance framework that promotes and facilitates smart investments in Czech regions, cities and municipalities.
The expected outputs are 1) Stronger Governance Framework for Implementing Smart Cities, and 2) Investable 'Integrated Smart Solution' Projects.
The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic (MoRD) is the requesting agency. The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), in partnership with the Union of Towns and Municipalities (SMO) in the Czech Republic, is the applicant of this grant.