Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 July, 2021 till 30 June, 2025
Field of expertise Dealing with Conflict, Fragility and Migration
Policy field(s) Local economic development
Institutional development
Partners ZOA DRCongo
Africa Agribusiness Academy
Funding Royal Netherlands Embassy in Rwanda
Project code 11443
The TRIDE project aims to improve food security and integrated water resource management in 137 villages of 8 chefferies in North and South Kivu. In addition to promoting good governance at the local level, with a view to addressing the root causes of inter-ethnic conflicts, problems of insecurity (armed groups) and other forms of harassment for a harmonious and sustainable development of the local economy will also be aspects of the project.

The project will be implemented in the following targeted areas:
- North Kivu Province: Masisi Territoire (Bashali and Bahunde chefferies) and Rutshuru Territory (Bwisha and Bwito chefferies)
- South Kivu Province: Kalehe Territoire (Buhavu and Buloho chefferies) and Uvira Territoire (Bafuliiru and Ruzizi Plain chefferies)
The project seeks to achieve the following objective:
Mitigate insecurity and instability by promoting local economic development through integrated water resource management, value chain development and improved access to land and markets.

The results sought by the project are as follows:
- Result 1: Access and security of land tenure by smallholders is improved to reduce land-related conflicts
- Result 2: Integrated Water Resources Management is strengthened to promote resilient agricultural systems in North and South Kivu
- Result 3: Local economy is revitalized through inclusive development and profitable value chains and the market system (MSD)

TRIDE is a bottom-up approach that builds the capacity of community members for greater resourcefulness and empowerment. Similarly, this project will scale up various lessons learned during the implementation of previous projects in the intervention area.