Country China
Other countries European Union
Region World wide
Duration Start 1 January, 2021 till 31 December, 2023
Field of expertise Developing Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities
Policy field(s) Intergovernmental relations
Inter-municipal co-operation
Local economic development
Smart City / Urban planning
Public private partnership
Partners GOPA Infra GmbH
Funding Delegation of the European Union to China
Project code 11438
IURC China is one of the key components of IURC's global cooperation projects with key partner countries. The project is funded by the European Union's Partnership Instrument (PI). This programme represents a second phase of the “International Urban Cooperation programme (IUC)” which ran from 2016-2020. In order to promote innovation through
inter-regional cooperation between the EU and its partners, the name has been changed to International Urban and Regional Cooperation (IURC).

The wider objective of the project is to lead and develop urban and regional cooperation between the EU and China. The activities are twofold: sustainable urban development and innovation.
Component 1: City-to-City cooperation in the field of sustainable urban development one-to-one and, primarily, in thematic clusters
Component 2: Region-to-Region cooperation in the field of innovation one-to-one and in thematic clusters

The specific objectives: actively engage a total of 20 city (10) and regional (10) partnership under the IURC Project; thereby engaging governments, research institutions, business and private sector organisations
- Component 1: supports Chinese and EU cities to develop approaches and implement solutions to common urban challenges
- Component 2: supports a limited number of Chinese and EU regions/provinces – to be understood as sub-national entities – to develop and implement innovation actions for
regional and local development cooperation and investments on a mutual benefit basis.

The main scope work evolves around various thematic clusters, including ecological transition (green deal), urban renewal and innovaiton ecosystems and strategic sectors; as well as several cross-cutting themes, including: smart city & digital transition, climate change & energy transition, and post-COVID Recovery & Social Inclusion
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