Country Benin
Region Africa
Duration Start 1 November, 2021 till 30 September, 2023
Field of expertise Building More Effective Public Administration
Policy field(s) Institutional development
Public finance
Partners AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH
Funding GIZ, German International Cooperation Head Office
Project code 11447
The Reforme project aims to improve financial governance in Bénin, both on the local and national level, and to link to the 2030 Agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations on the basis of neutral, reliable, factual and accessible statistical data that reports on progress. The Agenda 2030 statistics system will therefore evolve towards transparent publication of data on a single digital platform and ensure that data from all 77 Beninese communes are integrated.

The project aims to achieve the following objective:
To ensure that the national and municipal budget cycles are implemented according to the principles of good financial governance.

The project will achieve the following results:
- Result 1: Improved quality of State expenditures (investments) and revenues (income)
- Result 2: improved monitoring of the implementation of public policies based on the 2030 Agenda in order to optimize new planning
- Result 3: better articulation between the different levels and stages of implementation of public policies

The project is divided into 5 fields of action (outputs):
- enable a stronger socio-economic impact of (new) budget planning (CA1)
- allow for better mobilization of the State's own revenues (CA2)
- improve dialogue between State and non-State actors to increase transparency and accountability in the spending of public funds (CA3)
- enable a greater socio-economic impact of (new) investments (CA4)
- enable improved quality of the annual report on the implementation of the 2030 National Agenda (CA5)

To achieve this objective, the following pathways to outcomes must be achieved by the consortium:
- Lot 1: quality improvement of the annual report on the implementation of the National Agenda 2030, as part of output 5
- Lot 2: provision and management of a pool of international and national experts to provide specialized technical support to outputs 1-4