Ton TindemansBased on a multidisciplinary background (BSc in environmental sciences, LLM-master in laws,  educational and organization sciences on MSc-level), he can analyze projects and challenges in an interdisciplinary manner and support in finding integral solutions and approaches.

Due to long-term work experience in educational institutions and (governmental) organizations as a manager and advisor, he can make these approaches and solutions practical and implementable.

Since 2006 he has been working on local authorities' capacity building and training civil servants on various topics. Such as strengthening local government, building more effective urban organizations, project and program management.

From the legal background, he was involved in topics such as decentralization, public-private partnerships, policy development and policy implementation, management and organization of local governmental departments. And local planning processes

From an environmental background, he has done many projects in waste management/sanitation, guiding environmental and social impact assessments and projects for developing sustainable cities and communities.

He has mainly worked in Africa: South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Sudan, Tunisia, and Morocco and also for years in Lebanon and Nicaragua (Central America).

He works structured and disciplined, but is also cooperative and communicative.